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The collaborative songwriting platform for bands and musicians

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How it works

Record. Review. Repeat.

The best bands record and share early.

Adio is built to make capturing and sharing an idea as easy as possible while also striving to be a full featured DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).


Use our mobile app to capture your riff directly off your phone. Pro tip: wear headphones to make sure the recording doesn't include any audio from playback!

2. Review

After recording, we'll automatically share it with your band. They will get notifications to listen to your audio. Here they can give you feedback with comments, grab their instrument and start practice ideas or even record their own ideas.

3. Repeat

With a collaborative songwriting platform based in the cloud, a band can continually refine and experiment with ideas until they create their best product

No More Excuses


Whether you live 10 minutes from your band, or 10 hours. Distance is no longer a factor in writing music.


Write and share on your own time, and theirs.
But keep practicing in person when you can

Creative Differences

Creativity should be encouraged! Instead of limiting your options, let's explore all ideas. With adio it's easy.
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Adio has reshaped the way we write music as a band.

- Isaac Moore, The Moore Brothers Band